Shaykh in Jeddah (Latest)


InshaAllah, sayyidi wa sanadi

Shaykh Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani

(may Allah preserve him)

will be in Jeddah today (Thrusday, 5th February2009) .

A majlis will be held after ‘asr prayers at Qari Rafiq sahib’s residence in as-Safa district.

For further details regarding this, please, contact via mobile phone or email.

1 thought on “Shaykh in Jeddah (Latest)

  1. Abdul mateen

    Assalam u alaikum
    hazrat ko meri taraf se khususi salam kehna aur meri taleem k lye khususi duwa bhi.

    wa alaykum as salam
    Requesting for dua from pious directly is most beneficial.
    However, it is beyond the adab of a naive murid to convey messages from other fellow disciples to the Shaykh.

    In the majlis of Shaykh I must remember that I am here for my own self-rectification and I am the one in need for his attention the most.
    Apnay ko mita kar aur sub ko bhula kar humatun mutawajah rehay. And speak when he is spoken to.

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