Reading Dalail al Khayrat


Hakim al-Umma Shaykh Mawlana Ashraf ‘Ali Thanawi (may Allah have mercy on him) said,

“People request permission (ijaza) for reciting ‘Dalail al Khayrat’ from the piously elders (shuyukh). There is faulty intention in doing so. They beleive that reciting it without permission will be without any blessings (baraka). Most likely, the system of acquiring permission was initially developed to make sure that the wordings of the text were correctly transmitted. While giving the permission the Shaykh used to listen to the recitation and made any corrections needed.

In fact, the text that is worthy of being recited from the pulpit what has it to do with this intimate secrecy (of considering it essential to acquire an individual permission for its recitation).

If someone ask’s me regarding the recitation of ‘Dalail al Khayrat’, I tell him to (recite, but) leave the recitation of the statements that say, The Prophet said (قال النبى صلى الله عليه وسلم). This is because few of the Prophetic sayings (hadith) in it are fabricated (موضوع). Apart from this, its subject matter is completely accurate.”

Majmua e malfuzat: al-Kalam al-Hasan, 106

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  1. mhk


    I would like to mention the ijaza of Hazrat Haji Imadullah mohajir Makki ra for Dalail.
    This has been mentioned in the compilation of Hazrat Mawlana Ashiq Illahi Meeruthi ra’s combination of Hizb al-Azzam and Dalail. It was recently published by Alamgir trust, Pakistan.

    1. Sahykh al-Arab wal-‘Ajam Hazrat Haji Imdadullah mohajir makki ra
    2. Shaykh Mohammad Hasan ra
    3. Shaykh Sayyid Mohammad bin Ahmad bin AbdurRehman al-Maghrabi ra
    4. Shaykh Sayyid Mohammad bin sayyid Ahmad Mothana ra
    5. Shaykh Sayyid Ahmad Hajj ra
    6. Shaykh Sayyid Ahmad Moqri ra
    7. Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Farsi ra
    8. Shaykh Sayyid Ahmad al-Abbas Sama’i ra
    9. Sahykh Samlali ra
    10. Shaykh Abdul Aziz Teya’ ra
    11. Shaykh Sayyid Mohammad bin Suliman al-Jazuli ra

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  3. iqadeer

    Assalam ‘Allakum,

    1. Regarding the actual recitation, which is preferable, to recite it quietly or should it be done in an audible voice?2. Also, what Hazrat Thanvi ra has said with regards to some Ahadith being fabricated, is he referring to some of those that are mentioned in the fazail in the beginning section?

    Jazak Allah.

    1. No specific recommendations are regarding this, however, audible is better to keep the concentration. But to the extent that you hear it yourself only.
    2.No. They are even in the text that is recited daily (at least once, to the best of my knowledge).
    The very recent excellent edition from Jordan has a section at the end on takrij of ahadith mentioned and it specifies those ahadith which are not established at all. Also, recently a detailed explanation of Dalail by Shaykh Fasi ra, has been translated into Urdu and published. It also has this information.
    muhtaj e dua

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