Shaykh Abd al-Ghani al-Rifai’ (Allah have mercy on him) instructed the novice disciples,

‘The rights of other that are due must be fulfilled or forgiveness sought for them.

If one finds himself  unable to do this now, then he should make a firm determination to do so whenever it is possible for him.

In the mean time he should continuously make supplications for the aggrieved individual and ask forgiveness for himself.

For example, he should says hundred times daily, ‘O Allah! I seek forgiveness in matters related to rights of other individuals (huqooq al-ibad).’  This recitation should continue till he fulfills these obligations as outlined above.

This is because repentance (tawbah) is the reality and foundation of this path (tareeq). In fact it is the very first station of the path.

Takhlees Tarsi’ al-Jawahir al-Makkiyah fi tazkiya tal-ikhlaq al-mardhiyah, page 78

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