Concern for others


An individual wrote:

Now the only source of misery at home is the condition of younger brother.  It is the same as it was previously.  I pray for him daily, asking Allah that he gives up the habit of lying and embezzlement. These two problems are usually the cause of most of the suffering.  He is destroying both, his religion and worldly life. I request you to pray (make dua) for him and advice any practical solution to achieve this.

Hakim al-UmmatMawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi(Allah have mercy on him)  replied:

‘I have no hesitation in making dua for him.

However, as far as the request for practical solution is concerned, for inept like us it is best to be concerned with our self rather than for others.

That is,
“فکر خود کن، فکر بیگانہ مکن “
(Be worried about yourself; do not be anxious regarding others’ condition.)

Moreover, there comes a time when even for the best and perfect individuals (kamileen) it is advisable:

عليكم انفسكم لا يضركم من ضل اذا اهتديتم

And that happens when even after substantial efforts other do not pay heed.”

Tarbiyatus Salik, volume 3 page 190