‘Considering one’s self to be sincere is in it self a sign of lack of sincerity.’



Ahzab tahzib un nafus,  Munajat e maqbool, ((zamimajat, Saeedi)) page 302


ECCMID 2010, Vienna, Austria

2 thoughts on “Sincerity

  1. fai2han


    I did not understand this quote. Could you please elaborate what it means? If I am sincere in my ibaadat, let’s say, would it mean the sincerity would go away if I claim that i’m sincere?

    One has to put all the effort in being sincere.

    But being confident in claiming that one has achieved complete sincerity is incorrect.
    A true seeker is always cognizant of his own deficiencies and is suspicious of contamination of all his efforts by nafs and shaytan in open or covert ways.

    In addition when one achieves any level of marifah of Allah SWT he recognizes the insignificance of himself and all his efforts becoming more humble. Making any claims becomes almost an impossibility.

    I pray and hope that it is clear. Otherwise, please, do not hesitate to ask again.

    The benefit is mutual.

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