Repentance & Sins: Repent again

Sayyidi wa sanadi Mawlana Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him and allow us to benefit from him abundantly. Ameen!) said:

“Hold fast to this advice.

That is, do not be disappointed and become disheartened by the repeated failures of repentance by committing sin.

Confront this failure of repentance by making a solemn determination (never to commit that sin again).

If you fail again, renew your determination again.

This mental struggle and physical effort has to continue until the end of life. Do not be discouraged by the repeated failures in keeping up with repentance. Hence, deciding not to repent. This depressed attitude is not correct.

Repent with a more solid determination (never ever to commit that sin again).”

Islahi majalis, volume 5, page 245

باز آ باز آ ہر آنچہ ہستی باز آ

گر کافر و گبر و بت پرستی باز آ

ایں درگاہ ما درگہ نوامیدی نسیت

صد بار گر توبہ شکستی باز آ