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A respected reader sent me this email today.

‘Today I was coming towards Tower from Liyari express way. There was a car (written on rear glass window) in front of my car. It stopped on the intersection (a very dangerous place to stop a car) where a couple of ba reesh people get off loaded and another (non ba reesh) got out of back seat and went to sit in front. It sounds that it does not take any time but,

1. Is not it a sin to stop a car where it is against rules of traffic and create problem for human beings? (huqooqul ibad ka koi darja/ignoring the rights of other-fellow human beings!)

2. When I honked, the (non ba reesh) showed me his anger that lead to further gali galoch as a result of road rage.(apni ghalti pay nadim honay k bajai badtamizi/being insolent, not acknowledging his mistake or having any remorse..)

If the ba reesh driver and his two companions have no sense of huqooq ul ibad and no sense of traffic rules then they must not place ‘’ on their cars so that the do not bring disgrace to it.

I think there is a serious requirement that these petty things should be discussed in coming lectures where importance of traffic signals, speed limits, zebra crossing and other things should be taught as not following such rules and creating problems and hassles for fellow human beings is a sin. Kia pata meezan may yahi bhari par jai.

Allah ham sab ki maghfirat farmai


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  1. 'abd Post author

    An email response.

    It high lights how important it is to get the facts from both the sides.
    Our nafs (with all its blame-worthy traits) sometimes unconsciously portrays a picture of self righteousness.

    “Jazaak Allah for posting and reminding me about my mistake. It was me who did this. If possible, please give me his email address and I will inshAllah ask them for the forgiveness.

    Now a bit about the situation: I daily drop my respected father at that place and before going to stop I slow down my car, give left signal that I am stopping on left hand. This way the vehicles behind me changes their way and goes on right. Today, I did the same but unfortunately one of my friend in back seat opened the right hand gate, even though I stopped him. He didn’t listen to me and immediately jumped out of the car to come in front.

    While this was happening, another car just came behind me and kept honking. We certainly took sometime and when I started driving he continuously honked and when passed on my left they were angry and I know my friend had some gestures to them without my stopping.

    I am ashamed of what I did and I am really sorry for that. I will seek their forgiveness and also be more careful when driving about the points he raised inshAllah.”


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