Become a Human first!


Hakim al-Umma Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi (Allah have mercy on him) repeatedly told people who approached him for reformation (islah):

“If you want to become a saint, a qutub or an abdal go elsewhere. Stay here only if you want to become a human being.”

Lacking the basic qualities of a human being an individual can never even be a true Muslim.

Love, sympathy, wishing well, being honest, sincere, polite and well mannered when dealing with others (even non-Muslims) are the basic rights of all human beings.

How can one gain Allah SWT’s pleasure, (that is being a devout sufi) when he/she is destroying these rights?

Hujjatul Islam Imam Ghazali ra has categorized living creatures in three types:
1. Those, which are always harmful. For example snakes, scorpion, lizards, etc.
2. Those, which are always beneficial. Like sheep, cows, horse, poultry etc.
3. And finally those, that are neither harmful nor beneficial. Like parrots, peacocks, zebra, etc.

Then he poses a question to us: in which category do we fit?

Cynical, acrid, humiliating and arrogant comments that hurt another’s feeling surely without any doubt make us similar to scorpions and snakes!

ع– درد دل کے واسطے پیدا کیا انسان کو