The use of nur of good deeds!

Arif-billah Dr. Abdul Hayy ‘Arifi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

It is not sufficient enough a goal to become a zakir (one who does excessive remembrance of Allah) and shagil (one who does spiritual exercises) only.

You acquired the nur by praying pre-dawn prayers (tahajjud) and doing remembrance of Allah. This is very good.

However, dear brother, is there a potential use of this nur?

The (nur of) remembrance of Allah makes the darkness go away, the obscurities fade, the rights and obligations become clear in front of you, the filthy and pure things become evident clearly in their appropriate places.

Now, why do you pick up the filth?

If by mistake you did this then remember Allah, throw it away and wash your hands.

(As a example:) Being a human you got angry. Now why do keep a grudge and intention of revenge? Throw away this filth and repent. The use of remembrance of Allah is to be shown here.

Sawanih wa ta’limat e Hazrat ‘Arifi, page 530