The bane of media outlets!

Arif-billah Dr Abdul Hayy ‘Arifi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘The biggest bane of the present society, (which are described to be beneficial by some, however, I consider them to be totally corrupt) are the mass media outlets. These include television, radio and newspaper.  They corrupt the morals. They have deteriorated our (humanely) condition, and made us infamous and disreputable.

They broadcast purposeless, paltry, heresy and iconoclastic things. These broadcasting results in the death of humaneness, honor of the human beings and our Islamic faith.

For the sake of God abstain from them!

Do not make an excuse that these can be used for broadcasting good. This a lame pretense. Show me where are they being used to spread good?’

Majalis e Arifi, audio set, CD#1, first waaz. Idara e Eshaat e Islam, Karachi, Pakistan

There are various reasons for the above statement.  They include: The repeated reading or viewing of reports of crime, devious, irrelevant, irreligious, and anti-Islamic things make an individual insensitive of their gravity.

The level of hatred towards sins is diminished.

The chances of being involved in sins which are a ‘norm’ in society increases.

The value of utilizing time effectively is distorted.

The spiritual darkness that accompanies such things makes it difficult to initiate and sustain good works. Etc.

(Irresponsible use of Internet, especially purposeless surfing, should be included in this.)

1 thought on “The bane of media outlets!

  1. sayyid

    Salamalykum wrwb
    Internet would easily overtake TV in fawahish these days. The reasons are quite obvious – internet is a medium to show fawahish on demand any time and too much porn everywhere. Lot of young people are getting addicted to fuhush on internet more than T.V.
    internet is more secret compared to T.V. which makes it easier for youth to get addicted to something without getting noticed

    wa alaykum as salam
    This is correct.

    It is wajib on the parents to safeguard their children from the ill-effects of Internet from early childhood. This includes,
    1. Being a role-model and using Internet with wisdom.
    2. Inculcating a sense of right & wrong and haya (modesty).
    3. Repeatedly reminding children of this again and again in a very polite, firm and encouraging manner.
    4. Having parental control over Internet & computer use at home and on phone, etc..
    5. Keeping Internet access-computer in public areas at home. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends kitchen or living room.
    6. No bedroom Internet, computer or laptop.
    7. Making regular dua for their children’s safety.

    It is essential to remember that once an addiction of a sin is established it is very difficult to eradicate.

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