Absurd Hajj



A close murid residing in Saudi Arabia was coaxed to perform (nafil) Hajj by some friends without the permit (tasrih: the locals are allowed to perform Hajj every 5 years, provided they make arrangements with an agent and pay him for transportation, lodging, etc). Moreover, he did what the locals commonly do. They intentionally leave most of the Sunna, just focusing on the essentials (wajibat) and do whatever is most convenient to themselves. That is, no staying overnight in Mina, performing rami-e-jamarat after sunset, squatting on footpaths and roads for the time they are in Mina,  hire small buses for transportation that increase traffic congestion, pitch their own tents or stay in others tent without rental payment, etc.

Sayyidi wa sanadi Shaykh Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) was obviously upset to know these details. He reprimanded the individual firmly and commented that’

‘This was an absurd (bay-tuka) Hajj.’

Alhudmdulillah, the tarbiyet worked. 

The murid realized and acknowledged his mistakes. He asked forgiveness from Allah and made a firm decision not to repeat these mistakes. These included,

– disregard for the law set by government.  (Permit is to ensure accountability,  establish arrangements, ease overcrowding and plan for the future.)

– causing problem to other guest of Allah, who paid for their arrangements

– leaving Sunna intentionally, an explicitly sinful action

– acting on emotional desires and enthusiasm, in place of following the Shariah ruling

-acting against the Shaykh’s established viewpoint (sayyidi wa sanadiMufti Taqi Usmani sahib (Allah preserve him) strongly approves the permit system and encourages all to stick to it.

In short the virtuous actions, even a Hajj, has to been done in an proper manner for it to be accepted by Allah and be beneficial in our islah.

This requires tarbiyet (training under supervision).

wa ma tawfiqi illa billah!