Cancellation of khilafet



Mawlana Shah Wasiullah Allahabadi (Allah have mercy on him) wrote the following to one of his deputies (khalifa),

‘You are aware of the vigilance in maintaining appropriate morals (ikhlaq) in my training. In spite of this what did you do? Mawlana XYZ (a very close murid and another khalifa) came to your town. Considering you to be a close friend (pir-bhai) he paid visit to you. However, you dealt with him coldly showing extreme indifference. Moreover you scolded him.

This (attitude) reveals that you are not capable of instructing and guiding others. Therefore, I cancel your permission (ijazat).

I inform you that should not instruct or guide anyone on my behalf. Neither should you correspond with me nor bother to visit me. Inform all other people (in your area) about this.’

Halaat e Muslih al Ummat, volume 2, page 104