What to ask Shaykh?

Hakim al-Umma Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘One should keep the Shaykh constantly informed about his spiritual diseases & states and follow whatever he recommends. Just continue with these two things for your whole life.

Inform Shaykh explicitly about your condition. People hide their ailments from the Shaykh. How is it possible that without telling the he will be informed of your condition?

Even if you intend initiating a new worldly endeavor ask the Shaykh would it be detrimental for your spirituality. For example, I intend doing this trade, is it appropriate for me to indulge in it. However, this should not be with the intention that by doing so the trade will be profitable. As though the Shaykh will consult Allah and confirm the success. This should not be the intention at all. This is an extremely corrupt intention.

The method should be like this; I intend to do this business, or I want to be transfered to such a position or I want to study English or medicine would it be detrimental for my spirituality.

These are the things to be asked from the Shaykh.

Nowadays people do whatever they desire. They do not inform the Shaykh. Hence, they corrupt their spirituality. They make excuse that these are worldly issue and it is not essential to inform the Shaykh about them. Whereas in reality these things have major effect on one’s spirituality.

Therefore, whenever you intend to initiate a new worldly endeavor inform the Shaykh in advance and get his advice regrading it.’

Waaz Rahat al-Quloob, page 263-4