Muslim mindset!

Mawlana Kalim Siddiqui (Allah preserve him) said,

‘It is essential for us Muslims to develop a positive mindset. This is especially required in dealing with non-Muslims.

Always being suspicious of non-Muslims and cooking conspiracy-theories is not from the teachings of Islam.

The way of the the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace): Sunna, is to have a strong yearning and heartfelt effort to benefit them.  We need to remind ourselves about the Prophet’s trial in Taif. He was asked to supplicate for the destruction of those who caused him harm. However, he denied that and passionately prayed for them and their future generations’ guidance and salvation.

It is hypocritical that we are benefiting from all the technological advances designed by these non-Muslims and we do pay them back in kind. Moreover, we desire harm to them. This is explicitly un-Islamic.

The best kindness and gift we can present to them is Islam. A pure, dignified and simple life style. To save them from eternal hellfire.’

Waaz, after esha, Jeddah, 22 November 2010