Delayed correspondence


Shah Kaleemullah Shahjahanabadi (Allah have mercy on him) [d 1142H/1729CE] wrote to a murid,

‘Excuse for delayed (reply to islahi) correspondence from our side is acceptable and explainable. However, if it is from your side then it is unacceptable and unexplainable.’

Maktubat e Kaleemi, letter 5, page 9, via Tarikh Mashaikh Chisht, voume 5, page 112

1 thought on “Delayed correspondence

  1. Ibrahim

    Jazakumullahu khair

    Is this “Tarikh Mashaikh Chisht” different from the one compiled by Hadrat Shaykh al-Hadith sahib rahimahullah?

    Yes. It is by Professor Khaleeq Nizami rehmatullah aleh. It was planned to be written in 6-7 volumes. However, only two were completed and published, the first and 5th volume.

    First volume is about Tasawwuf in general, its defence from the critics and in detailed discussion of Chishti minhaj, training, principles, sulook, books, etc…

    The fifth volume is about the Nizamiya branch of Chishtis from Shah Kaleem Shahjahanabdi till Pir Mehr Ali Shah Golara (Allah have mercy on them).

    Take care.
    muhtaj e dua

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