The tarbiyah!


Shaykh Nizamuddin Aurangabadi (Allah have mercy on him)[d 1142 Hijri/1730 CE] in his instruction to the disciples’ (murideen) used to stress particularly  on thorough following of the Shaykh and maintaining proper etiquette (adab) with him.

He used to tell them that Shaykh Naseeruddin Chirag Dehlawi (Allah have mercy on him) sometimes even did beat his murid (as part of their spiritual training). But none of them abandoned him. However, now the state has come that ‘if a Shaykh utters a single word (reprimanding), the murid develops a strong aversion to the Shaykh.”

Tarikh Mashaikh Chisht, voume 5, page 166-7

جس كو ھو جان و دل عزیز اس كی گلی میں جاے كیوں