Tarbiyah:The way to shakehand

An ancient murid greeted sayyidi wa sanadi Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) in his usual way.

Standing in matawaf behind the rukun-e-yamani Shaykh took him to a side in private and inquired very politely that what was the reason he always used one hand for handshake. Was it a habit or he considered it to be a more meritorious?

Then very gently he instructed that the way the Blessed Companions (Allah be pleased with them) shook hand was with both the hands.

Moreover, it is grossly improper etiquette to  shake hand with someone you consider to be your superior using one hand alone.

The ancient murid confided to us the whole incident adding that this opened his eyes to be particular about each and every activity he did. To be meticulous about proper etiquette (adab) and following of Sunna.

Also, he acknowledged being extremely happy on this one-to-one attention and guidance by the respected Shaykh.

A blessing indeed.’

Makkah e mukaramah, Tuesday 8th March 2011, after esha.