Purpose of bay’a: Observance of Sunna


A person requested pledge (bay’a) from Hadhrat Mian Asghar Hussain (may Allah have mercy on him), a senior Shaykh and instructor at Darul Uloom Deoband.

Hadhrat inquired what was his purpose do so?

‘Divine union (wisal e haq)’, the individual replied.

‘ All praise is for Allah, you have very lofty aspirations’, Hadhrat cheerfully chided him.

‘My brother! The only purpose of taking the pledge should be that observance of the Sunna in all aspects of life is facilitated. That is it’, he continued.

And things like strong perpetual relationship with Allah (nisbet) and Divine union (wisal) are the states and talks of high ranking pious people (and not for ordinary sinful people like us).’

Halat Musleh ul Ummat ra, page 94