This path: diving for pearls


Shaykh al-akbar Muhyuddin ibn ‘Arabi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘It is from the criterion of being a Shaykh that he takes into account each breath and every action of the murid.  He puts additional pressure on the one who is more obedient and adherent. This is because this is the path of hardship. It does not have any involvement of leniency in it. The dispensations (rukhs) are for the general public because they are content that they remain faithful and Muslims by name. They fulfill the very basic requirements (faraidh) imposed on them by Allah.

However, an individual who aspires for highest levels beyond that of the general public for him it is essential to bear extra hardships.

A person who desires to wear a pearl necklace must brace the depths of the ocean and hold his breath. This is essential to dive in the ocean (and get pearls).’

Adab al-Shaykh wal-murid, via Madhmun e zikr, MTM-U, volume 3, page 25