Reading classic text without Shaykh’s permission

Shaikh Abdul Qudoos Gangohi [d. 944 Hijri/1537 CE] (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘Qutub e ‘Alam Sultan al-Mashaikh Khawaja Nizamuddin Awliya came to know that Shaikh Naseer uddin Chirag Dehlavi (Allah have mercy on them) is reading a book authored by Shaikh Dhunun Misri (Allah have mercy on him). He called him and informed him that this had come to his knowledge and it was his instruction not to do so. The reason being that when you read about the pious predecessors and do not find some of their attributes in your Shaikh the Satan finds a way to sow the seed of contention. Moreover, he creates doubts about your Shaikh in your heart (and mind). This dissipates the effort (of islah & sulook).

The point to pay attention attention in this incident is that he forbade reading such text for Qutub e ‘Alam Shaikh Naseer uddin Chirag Dehlavi (Allah have mercy on them) in spite the fact that he was perfect (kamil) and truthful (sadiq), and truthful can not be misguided by Satan. This forbidding was an admonition for the others.’

Maktubat e Qudusiya, # 89, page 331