Influencing your Wife!

Arif billah Shaikh Dr. Abdul-Hayy Arifi (Allah have mercy on him) said:

“Special effort should be made to keep a beautiful attitude towards one’s wife.
She has adopted your companionship leaving her parents, siblings and other close relatives. You have to compensate her for all these caring relationships by loving her dearly.

If you are patient on anything hurtful from her you will be rewarded (by Allah). Her inappropriate attitude can not be corrected by your anger and wrath. But the best way to achieve that is to control your anger completely at that moment. And some time later (at an appropriate occasion) gently and with compassion let her know the mistake she made. (With this approach) even if she has a grain of aptitude for correction, she will accept your counsel and reform herself.”
Sukoon-e-qalb 46 (Repost)