An important advice: How to be tolerant?

Shaikh Hafiz Hakim Fakhruddin Allahabadi (Allah have mercy on him) instructed his disciples,

‘Be steadfast on Religion (ad-Deen).

Do not create dissensions.

Hold fast to the principles (usool) and do not denigrate each other for the peripheral disagreements.

Consider this disagreement amongst the truthful scholars to be a mercy.

In regards to those who consider themselves to be mujtahid and disagree with the precedent Imams, scholars, pious saints and concoct meanings of the Holy Quran in a manner that was never done by the blessed Companions, their associates (taba’i & tab’ taba’i), well established scholars and Imams : consider them to be astray. It is essential to stay away from them. However, do not quarrel with them or call bad names. To answer and argue with them is the duty of the pious scholars. Not any or everyone can do this job.

It is essential for an individual to be always cognizant of his actions. Stay away from sins and transgressing your Lord. If by chance a sin is committed immediately repent in front of Allah. This will wipe away the sin.’

Majmua’h award wa wazaif, page 4