Time management tip

Hakim al Umma Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘Time can only be managed effectively by doing everything as scheduled and not being overwhelmed by indulgent kind and polite behavior (ikhlaq & murawwat).’

Ashraf us Sawanih as quoted in Zaad us Salikeen, page 757

That is, not following one’s schedule by trying to please and fulfill the non-urgent impositions of family, friends and others.

Sometimes overwhelming humility, politeness and kindness leads to this entrapment. (How insignificant I am? And how worthless my schedule is, as compared to pleasing a fellow Muslim?)

2 thoughts on “Time management tip

  1. muaz

    Could you please explain what it means to be overwhelmed by ikhlaq&murawwat?


    Added explanation to the post.


  2. Ibrahim.almany

    Bad Alhamd wa Salawat wa Irsal ut Taslimat wat Tahiyyat

    Assalamu aleykum wa rahmatullah,

    Muhtaram Muaz sahab. This means, for example, that you have something to do on your schedule but somebody is asking you to do something for him, what can be done later and out of kindness you do it for him and leave your schedule-task, which was in this time more importent. This kindness which overwhelmed you is this ikhlaq etc.

    Allahu Alam. Please correct me if I write something wrong.

    Was Salam


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