Hajj: Excessive talbiyah

The reviver of Sunna Shaikh Mawlana Abrarul Haqq (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘In the state of ihram one should recite talbiyah excessively.

Lot of people are negligent about this.

It should be recited when meeting someone, or bidding farewell to him, on getting on the ride or stepping down from it, on walking uphill or downhill, after the fardh and nafil salah. In the days of tashreeq recite takbeer first and then the talbiyah.

Recite it excessively all the times while walking and doing other stuff. Say it in a low tone. The prevalent way of reciting it in chorus collectively is incorrect.

In Islam there are supplications prescribed to be recited at various occasions. However, in the state of ihram there should be vigilance in recitation of talbiyah at all the times and transitions.

This (ihram) is the dress of lovers. Hence, when dressed like a lover an individual should act like one. Roaming around repeatedly reciting that ‘I am present’, ‘O my Lord! I am at your service’.

This recitation of talbiyah should continue till the stoning (rami) on 10th of Zil Hajj.’

Ma’arif al Abrar ra, page 222

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