A heartfelt letter

assalam wa alaikum

I had been to Allahabad from Monday till Friday.
After maghrib majlis i zikr i was in the company of  Hazrat Shaikh Qamaruz Zaman Allahabadi (damat barkatuhum).  He gave sanad i hadith سند حدیث to Moulana Idrees Varethi sahib. Then I took permission from him to get my luggage from mehman khana which was just across the road so that I can leave at 7.30 P M as my train was at 8.00 PM.
By the time I came back I saw him writing something on a page. Dr Syed Mehmood Quari saheb, his khalifa was sitting by the side and smiled to me.  Later he handed that letter to Dr. sahib and asked him to give it to me.
Dr sahib told me that Hazrat Mawlana Qamaruz Zaman (damat barkatuhum) has given me (ijaza of) mujaz i suhbat, مجاز صحبت.
I  got shocked and started crying like a child.  I embraced his legs. I told him that I am unfit for this and I might bring disrepute to silsila. Hazrat Shaikh db said that this thought (of giving me ijaza) suddenly came to his mind, he never thought about this in past and he has to give it.
I told him I am a beggar asking for few paisas and he has given me a treasure which I am  unworthy of. He said you will get more (spiritual) progress (tarqi) of your batin and you will cure batini diseases (that afflict the soul) also. Then he embraced me.
I am writing this to you because you are the person responsible* for all this, Allah reward you for this in unmeasurable ways.
I am yet to overcome my feelings
Please pray for me that i should not be source of badnami بدنامی to our akabir.
talib i dua
Dr N Imdad Ali
Associate Professor Urology
Bellary, Karnataka, India
*This is also extreme humility of this sincere online friend. In his search for a Shaikh he contacted this site via email in September 2009 and was directed to Shaikh Mawlana Qamaruz Zaman Allahabdi (Allah preserve him). He attributes this blessing mistakenly to the job of a lowly usher.  The bestowals from Allah, like these, are usually from the heartfelt supplications of one’s parents, teachers and those he/she helped when they were in need.

3 thoughts on “A heartfelt letter

  1. mrkkhattak

    ماشاءاللہ. کیسے کیسے لوگ ہیں. اللہ سبحانہ تعالی ھم لوگوں کو بھی ان سے ذرا سی نسبت عطا فرمائے. آمین

  2. adeelahmad


    i heard an akaabir reciting following sheyr (something like):
    “muhabbat yeh saare zamaane mein pukaar aayi
    jise khud yaar ne chaha usee ko yaade yaar aayi.”

    i too once visited Hazrat Mawlana Qamaruzzaman (damanbarkatuhu) for an hour or so but did not turn up at his door again.
    i entangled myself amidst ifs and buts and due to my zauf himmati i could not grab an opportunuty to visit again.

    and here Janab Dr Imdad saheb is able to visit, stay and spend time from so far a place!

    indeed a lesson for me, who is more in words than deeds.

    Allah Taala mujhko (aur hum subko) bhi Allah-waalon se judne ki aur unke saath waqt lagaane ki taufeeq de.

    wa alaykum as salam

    Allah SWT has destined everyone to receive his spiritual share at a particular place.
    May He facilitate access to it for all of us. Ameen!

  3. 'abd Post author


    Ramadan 1439
    Shaikh Maulana Qamaruz Zaman Allahabadi upgraded the ijaza of Dr Imdad Ali (Allah preserve & protect them) to mujaz e baiyet.

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