Hajj = Supplications

The reviver of Sunna Shaikh Mawlana Abrarul Haqq (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘Be vigilant in making supplications (dua) at Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa.

Supplicate excessively. Cry. If you can not cry then make facial expressions of a crying individual.

Learn to ask from children. How they ask for a thing repeatedly and eventually succeed. Learn it from the beggars who plead with tongue and their poor state. They have learned the art of asking. They are confident and content on their asking skills. Whereas, in reality asking from other fellowmen without a genuine reason is a fault.

But asking from Allah is a sign of submission and servitude. And not supplicating to Him is a fault.

So keep knocking on the door. Do not give up.

كھولیں وہ یا نہ كھولیں در، اس پہ ھو كیوں تیری نظر

تو تو بس اپنا كام كر، یعنی صدا لگاے جا

It is in biography of some of the pious predecessors that in Arafat they continuously made supplications from the zawal till sunset.

This is extremely precious time period. Do not waste it.’

Ma’arif al Abrar ra, page 226-7

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