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Shaikh Haji Shakeel Ahmad (Allah preserve him) had just returned from the blessed Masjid al-Haraam after performing tawaf e wida. He greeted us with a radiant smiling face. Walking independently he appeared handsome in the black kurta and showed no signs (mashaAllah) of any illness at all.

The humility, love and kindness overflowed as the audience benefited spiritually from his words.

Haji sahib said,

‘I observed that the young men who approached me for islah started wearing the simple white  kurta and khanqahi topi. They were trying to copy their Shaikh.

I questioned them about this change. Who had instructed them to do so?

Moreover, I inquired about the opinion of their wives and other household members regarding this change.

They answered that we are labeled as bhaiya (slang for resident of UP) and mawlavi.

I took them personally to a tailor and asked him to make kurta for them in styles and colors (even mix and match) in trend these days for their age group.

Personally I always preferred to wear white clothes in accordance with the Sunna. However, to reinforce the message for young men and show them practically that it is permissible, now I also wear colored kurta.

In fact, few people in Bombay joke about Haji Shakeel’s dashing kurta(s).’

Hilton Makkah al mukaramah, 1st Muharram 1434/15th November 2012, after esha.

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  1. mrkkhattak

    MashAllah. It was really beneficial reading it and I feel I could see him. That’s the beauty of our akabir.

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