Serve parents

Shaikh Haji Shakeel Ahmad (Allah preserve him) said,

‘I instruct the youth that associated with me for their islah to take special care of their parents. That is, (in addition to be being polite and obedient) they must provide extra care and service to their parent. Like massaging the parents’ legs and feet ( a common practice to sooth tired limbs in subcontinent).

Everyone is eager to massage Shaikh’s feet while they neglect providing this service to their parents. This is absurd. The Shaikh has several people to provide this service whereas your parent’s only have you or few other individuals to do this.

I repeatedly tell them that in hierarchy of Shariah rulings the rights of parents come before those of the Shaikh.

This also reassures the parents about their son’s Shaikh. (That is, they do not feel threatened of being replaced by the Shaikh.)’

Hilton Makkah al mukaramah, 1st Muharram 1434/15th November 2012, after esha.

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