Real patience:safety from grief


Shaikh Mohammad Kaleem (Allah preserve him) a senior khalifa of Arif billah Dr Abdul Hayy Arifi (Allah have mercy on him) said to a brother who lost his twenty three year old son suddenly,

‘It is only in Islamic teaching that we find a definite contentment from grief and loss. It is very effective and well tested.

At the times of grief and loss we recite

أنا لله و أنا اليه راجعون

“We certainly belong to Allah, and to Him we are bound to return.” (2:156)
However, it is a pity that we do it without contemplating on its meaning.
In fact the reality revealed in this verses is so immense that contemplating on its meaning will remove all grief. In it Allah conveys , that in relationships this (lost one) maybe your mother, wife, father or son, etc., however, all these relationships are temporal (majazi) and temporary. They have been created for effective functioning of the society in this world. Whereas, in this verse Allah makes it explicitly clear that nothing in this universe belongs to anyone. It all belongs to Allah alone.
Why is it so?
It is because Allah is the creator. They are all created. He created them from nothing. He is their sustainer. They all belong to Him. They can not comprehend the rationality behind His commands and magnanimity of His decrees. They have been instructed with these temporal relationships of being a father, mother, wife, etc. In reality they all belong to Allah and He alone owns them. Hence,
He has full right to deal in their affairs as He desires. No one can question or forbid Him.
Moreover, it is His mercy that He has informed us in advance that we are going to be afflicted with grief and loss either in financial issues or in status or with death of a dear one. And in these circumstance if we observe the patience that is required, that is, the proclamation of His Divinity and acknowledgement that every thing belongs to Him alone, then we will be rewarded with a compensation that is beyond our imagination. Moreover, we will receive His special mercy, salutations and be from the perfectly guided individuals. An immense reward indeed for patience.
How can a person grieve when he acknowledges that everything belongs to Allah alone, He has full right to do whatsoever and He does so with absolute wisdom.’
Shaikh Mohammad Kaleem sahib db’s residence. Darul Uloom Karachi, Sunday, noon, 18th December 2012.




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