Become intelligent!


Observing the prevalent Muslim attitude of not being wise and intelligent, Shaikh Shah Wasiullah Allahabadi repeatedly quoted this advice of Shah Ahlullah brother of Shah Waliullah muhadith Dehlavi (Allah have mercy on them all) from his book Chahar Bab,

‘Although, Intelligence, wisdom, understanding acumen and intellectual foresight are innate capabilities, but they can be improved further with acquiring vast experiential knowledge, keeping company of the wise, readings intellectual texts, listening to the beneficial advices and biographies of the (successful) predecessors.

Therefore, it imperative that everyday we try to improve our intellectual abilities.

We should be vigilant in making conscious and extra effort to be in the category of intelligent and not in that of stupid people. ‘

Halaat e Muslih al Ummat ra, volume 4, page 338

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