Rules regarding unveilings & ilham


Hakim al Umma mujjadid Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

The information gained via unveiling (kashaf) and ilham is implied knowledge (not definitive).

If it is in accordance to the principles of Shariah then it will be acceptable. Otherwise it is imperative (wajib) to abandon it.

If it is not against the principles of Shariah but there is conflict between two kashaf, then if they are of the same individual then latest will be reliable. If they are from two different individuals then the kashaf of the person who is of calm and composed demeanor (sahib e sahaw) is to be followed than the individual who is in overwhelmed state (sahib e sukar). If both individuals are sahib e sahaw then the kashaf of the individual who has most of his kashaf in accordance to Shariah will be reliable. If they are equivalent in this respect then preference will be given to the individual who has more signs of Divine proximity and acceptance. If they are equal even in this aspect then it is permissible to follow whichever is accepted by your heart.

In scenario of kashaf of an individual versus kashaf of many individuals the kashaf of the group is more worthy. However, if that individual is superior to all of the others than his kashaf will be preferable.

Taleem ud Deen, page 121-2

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