Clarification regarding unveilings


Hakim al Umma Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

It is not essential to have events that happen out of the normal means (khawareq) for wilayet (Allah’s special friendship).

Some of the Holy Companions never had a single paranormal event in their life, in spite of being superior to all awliya.

Superiority is contingent on Allah’s proximity and sincerity in worship.

The paranormal events can happen to non-Muslim ascetics. They are the result of training (one’s self).

The level of events that happen out of the normal means (khirq e adet) (on scale of virtuous deeds) is less than that of remembrance if Allah by heart (zikr e qalbi).

The author of Awarif (al Ma’arif, Shaikh Soharwardi, Allah have mercy on him) considers those without paranormal events to be superior to those who posses them.

The most awesome extraordinary feat (karamat) of the Gnostic is to be steadfast on Shariah. And their loftiest kashaf is to asses the capabilities of the sincere seekers and train them accordingly.

Shaikh Akbar (Muhyuddin ibn al Arabi, Allah have mercy on him) has written that some of the possessors of extraordinary feats (karamat) desired at their deathbed, alas! these feats had not occurred at their hands.

This raises a doubt, that is, then how is possible to ascertain that an individual is from the friends of Allah (awliya)?

Wilayet is a hidden affair. Why is their a need to disclose it?
If this is to benefit from them, then avail from their company and instructions. If you find your condition changing (for better) everyday you will know for sure that this individual has influence.’

Taleemud Deen, page 122-3

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