Termination of islahi ta’luq


Sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) has made it very clear upfront in ‘Dasturul amal baraay talibeen e islah‘ that if there is a gap of more than six months in communication from the seeker in updating about his/her condition the islahi relationship will be terminated. Usually this is permanent.

However, there are exceptions.
The best approach is to humbly acknowledge one’s mistake, request for a second chance and be willing to accept the reprimand..

Most important thing is not to insist on one’s own demand. Actually it is bigger mistake to do so. Also, there is no role of asking senior murideen or mujazeen to intervene and plead one’s case. It usually backfires.

There is a lesson in this all. It is part of spiritual training tarbiyah.

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