Robbers of sincerity


Appreciating the work being done on a website sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him and allow us to benefit from him spiritually, Amin!) said,

“The most essential thing is sincerity (ikhlas).
(That is doing a thing solely to gain the pleasure of Allah.)

Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) instructed Sayyidina Maaz bin Jabal (Allah be pleased with him),

أَخْلِصْ دِينَكَ يَكْفِكَ الْعَمَلُ الْقَليلُ
Be sincere in your Deen. This will be enough for you, (even) if your (good) actions are few.

There are many robbers of sincerity. They include showing off, love of fame and money, etc.. A major buccaneer is the assumption of acceptance from Allah (maqbooliyet indAllah) about one’s self.

Beware of them.’

Ramadan 1434, after dohar office majlis

2 thoughts on “Robbers of sincerity

  1. adeelahmad


    Your post allows me to ask few questions about ikhlaas.
    Janab, can you throw some light on the following:

    1. What intention makes a deed to be counted as an a’mal done with ikhlaas?

    Any action done without an active intention for a worldly gain or fame is ikhlaas.

    2. Often one does a good deed (a’mal) with intentions that do not (directly) involve riza of AllahTa’ala eg. :
    * as a responsibility,
    * to help a fellow-human (as a habit or as part of one’s fitrah)
    * for dafae-shar (to ward off difficulty)
    * to encourage others to do good(eg in front of children) etc.
    Is it possible to have ikhlaas when a deed is accompanied by above intentions?

    What muraqba/thought/niyyat can make such deeds to be counted as deeds with ikhlaas?

    3. What if one does something good but does not make intention that this a’mal is for riza of Allah Ta’ala?
    Until he did not have a niyyah of riya etc it will be counted as ikhlas.

    However, for a salik it is essential that he makes active niyyah of pleasing Allah in all his endeavors.

    4. Can change of niyyat AFTER an a’mal is done of any value?
    eg if i do good for x reason but later on thought comes that this deed is also liked by Allah Ta’ala.

    5. What should i do/think to not be counted as one who presumes his deed was accepted?
    Akabir say that sincerity is the of the last muqamat to be attained.
    Many Holy Companions who participitated in battle of Badr feared about nifaq in themselves.

    6. If one feels disappointed when a good to someone is not appreciated or not valued, then does it imply that the deed was not done with ikhlaas? what should one think in such a situation.
    Amal itself is the goal irrespective of approval of the fellow individuals.


  2. adeelahmad

    Assalamualaykum Janab,

    JazakAllah for your valuable response.

    i have started trying to do niyyat before starting aa’maal whenever i can remember.
    hope to continue with the little at present and try to be more regular.

    Request for dua: for my parents,myself and my ahlo-ayal esp for safety of eimaan, islaah and aafiyat darain if and when you can.


    Wa alaykum as Salam.

    Masha Allah.
    May Allah give isteqamet. Amin !


    Take care.

    Muhtaj e dua

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