Deliberation on punished nations


Scholar Ibne Kathir (Allah have mercy on him) narrated that on the occasion of the battle of Tabuk, when the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) passed Hijr (Madain e Saleh), the Companions drew water from the well of Thamud and began kneading the flour dough to make bread.

When the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) came to know of this, he gave the order to throw the water away, empty the pots and to discard the dough. He said, “This is the village on which the punishment of Allah descended. Do not alight here nor use the things of this place. Go further and alight, otherwise you will also be afflicted by a calamity.”

 “When the Prophet (sa) passed by Hijr, he warned his companions: ‘Do not enter the dwelling-places of those who wronged themselves except with tears in your eyes lest you are afflicted by the same affliction.’ Thereupon he covered up his head and hastened the pace of his mount until he had crossed the valley.’”



Some stray random thoughts on seeing these ruins,

The rich aristocrat with sophisticated skills and tools had carved these tombs

They sought eternal glory, but in vain.

All has perished, Nothing remains.

None knows of their name or fame.

Take heed O Nafs!

Do not be lazy and negligent

Plan and do what is required of you

Remember the fate of these who fooled themselves.

Glory to be Allah alone!

He is as He was.

Annihilates your desires for His pleasure alone.

Remember that from them we only know of His slave, Saleh alone

Peace  and salutations from Allah be upon him and his followers. Amin!

Madain e Saleh, 28th September 2013

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