Treatment for complaining


A seeker wrote,
Respected Sir, In addition to other spiritual diseases I have is this ailment that I can not endure anything against my desires. Whenever this happens I complain verbally. I try delegating the affairs to Allah (tafweez), however, not having the the determination to control and endure I complain about the perpetrator.

I have firm belief (yaqeen) that whatever happens is from Allah. Moreover, I have conviction that it is futile to be sad and complain about things that are beyond one’s control. However, due to lack of determination I can not resist.

In principle, I am patient and thankful in heart on the decree of Allah. Although there is a tiny bit of feeling that what harm would have occurred if this happened the other way (i.e. according to my desires). All praise is to Allah, criticism never develops in my heart on the matters decreed (muqadderat).

I try not to complain verbally but am unable to achieve this. Sir, please recommend treatment for this.

Hakim al Umma Maualan Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Allah have mercy on him) replied,
‘Whenever you complain verbally about someone then you must mention his/her praiseworthy attributes in public. Eventually there will be some thing to praise (in every individual).’

Tarbiyet us Salik, volume 3, page 100

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