Memento mori

Remember (that you have) to die!

Reciting the above supplication 25 times daily (obviously with understanding and contemplating on the meanings) will make one die as a shaheed (martyr). Insha Allah

Ahkam e maiyet  by ‘Arif-billah Dr. Abdul Hayy ‘Arifi (Allah have mercy on him)

Salikeen are encouraged to include it into their daily recitations (wird). Moreover, it will also fulfill the Prophetic injunction to remember death excessively.  A panacea to our worldly engrossment.

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  1. 'abd Post author

    Life is short, and shortly it will end;
    Death comes quickly and respects no one,
    Death destroys everything and takes pity on no one.
    To death we are hastening, let us refrain from sinning.

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