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  1. 'abd Post author

    Assalam o Alaikum, Sir i have a question that “Will Allah forgive me?”
    sir, i am a sinner, i am the one who always make promises with his self but always break it. i am a GAY (interested in males), i had sex, many times, i have done every bad evil that i could do. i even tried to stop myself but i couldn’t. Sir i swear i want to change myself. i also read the religious books in order to threaten myself but still i get slipped. my ratio of doing the sex is increasing day by day. my age is 22 years and i want some moral and spiritual relief, please help me in this matter. Plzzzzz. plzzzzzzzzz….


    Respected brother xyz sahib

    as salamu alaykum wrwb

    Jazak Allah.

    Your email is reflective of azmet of eman in your heart . Masha Allah. May Allah swt increase it more with afiyet. Amin!

    You have to safe guard this azmet of eman at all cost.

    There are 4 ways a person loses eman,
    1. By doing shirk
    2. Considering a sinful act to be permissible
    3. Becoming hopeless of Allah’s mercy
    4. Becoming fearless of Allah’s wrath

    1. First of all make shukr that you have this understanding that this act of homosexuality is Haram.
    2. Then ask Allah for help. Cry, beg, open up your heart and tell Him all your story. Do this repeatedly.
    3. Be punctual with namaz and after every namaz recite the dua of Lut aleh salam rabbin surnu alal qawmel mufsaedeen. 3 times.
    4. Select a time daily for 3 minutes to remind yourself of all the blessings of Allah on you. Like being a human, being physically normal, free of all illness, having vision, taste, hearing, food to eat, money to buy things, family and friends etc etc. Make shukr of Allah on these all. Then reflect how bad is to make Allah unhappy by committing sinful acts. Recollect all the rulings about it in Sharah.
    5. Make taubah and firm determination not to do so again. Ask Allah for help repeatedly.
    6. Do not watch pornographic material or stuff that leads to homosexual thoughts at all.
    7. Keep your self busy in something all the time.

    Remember that thoughts of previously seen and done sinful acts will come repeatedly. Nafs and shaiytan will try their best to derail you.
    But you will have to be strong willed.
    Develop firm determination. Pious company is the best way to do so. If possible find about activities in your area. Try to join them.

    Insha Allah you will be able to do it. Please, do as above.

    Consider keeping in contact with this lowly writer. Insha Allah it will be beneficial for both of us.

    Take care.
    Remember Allah loves you.

    You have a good heart!
    muhtaj e dua

  2. 'abd Post author


    Respected brother

    as salamu alaykum wrwb

    Jazak Allah.

    It is pleasure to receive your email.
    Masha Allah swt has given you concern about your Deen. May Allah swt increase it more with ‘afiyet. Amin!

    Message: Assalamu alaikum hazrat
    I am xyz from india..
    I am 25 years old

    Masha Allah you are young.
    Young individuals have firm determination, enthusiasm and will power to achieve their goal.
    What is your goal?

    and unemployed now and unmarried.

    What is the reason of unemployment?
    Have you completed education or any training?

    I am having a difficulty in protecting my eyes and private parts from sin.

    I was bought up by my parents not in a deeni way.
    I had never went into madrasah in my childhood and i never performed 5 times salah until i reach the age of 22.
    As a result of this i had bad friends in my school.. Who practiced on the sin of masturbation and porn.
    At the age of 12 i was introduced to this sin….
    And i continued doing masturbation and watching filthy images of porn until the age of 22… I became addicted to it.

    This is a common sickness these days. However, it is very very dangerous for eman.
    Remember that nothing is achieved just by wished. One has to make a determination, plan and then work hard to achieve the goal.

    For now do the following,
    1. Pray 2 rakat nafil as salat e taubah and make istegfar. Make a firm decision that you will never do these things again ever. Ask Allah for help.
    2. Keep yourself busy. Pray all namaz with jamat and sit in the daily taleem. Start excercing daily for 20-30 minutes, like walking briskly, jogging or cycling.
    3. Do not use internet, computer, TV etc. at all. Initially it will be difficult but with time it will become easy. Read books.on self improvement, Deen, biographies.
    4. Sit down after fajar namaz each day and remind yourself that these things are haram and displease Allah. Tell yourself repeatedly this for 3 minutes. Then ask Allah for help and try to cry.
    5. If God forbid you fail make taubah immediately as mentioned i #1 and skip one meal completely. That is no lunch or dinner at all.

    This led me to other sins…. Which i am so ashamed of telling to u…

    Confess them to Allah, make a firm determination not to do them again and make istegfar.

    Hazrat At the age of 23 i got taufeeq to go for 4 months tableegh jamath… I made taubah to allah.
    At that time time i had such a good condition of heart that i was able to lower my gaze….

    Masha Allah

    But after staying away from this sin for 6 months …. It returned to me…
    I started doing it again and doing tawbah and again returning to sin after a period of time…
    I know this is haram… But i am not able to stay away from the sin
    Now i am in a very dangerous condition that i am sinning regularly in a period of 3 days…

    Do as mentioned above.
    Insha Allah things will improve

    This sin of masturbation and porn is preventing me from going to salah and tableegh.

    Salah is fardh and should be prayed with jamat in masjid.
    Do not miss it. At any cost. Try your best.
    Keep a log of your salah and let me know weekly.

    . I feel like a prisoner inside my body…..
    This sin is preventing good thoughts and preventing me from good deeds…. It even prevent me from finding a job.

    This is very dangerous indeed.
    What are you planning for your future?
    How are you going to be useful member of the human community?

    I am not doing dhikr or dawat…but continuing salah but not in time…

    Do not miss dhikr. Do the third kalima, istegafr and durood at least 11 times daily.

    Make lots of dua. Talk to Allah. Ask for His help. Tell Him your worries. Ask Him for a way out. Do this repeatedly everyday.. Insha Allah He will provide a way.

    I dont know how to overcome this lifelong sin of mine and i dont where to start….

    Hazrat … Please help this ignorant one …. I try to get close to allah…. But again i return to the sin…..
    Hazrat please help…. Please provide me a solution


    Please, do as above.
    Keep in contact with this lowly writer for now.
    Please, do not be embarrassed or feel disappointed. These are ploys of nafs and shaiytan to keep you away from Allah.

    Remember Allah is Great and very Merciful and forgiving.
    In spite of our sinful activities He is providing as all the blessings, like air to breathy, water to drink, food to eat, home to live and moreover He hides out sins from all around.

    Take care.

    Insha Allah you will be successful.
    If something in reply remains unclear do not hesitate to contact me.

    muhtaj e dua

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