Wahadat al wujud:Trying to understand it


Sultan Aurangzeb Alamgir firmly asked Shaikh Mohammadi that you are a murid of Shaikh Muhib-Allah Allahabi (Allah have mercy on them) so provide an explanation of his treatise (al Taswiya) being in accordance to the Shariah. And if you are not able do so then you should repent from being his disciple and burn this treatise. 

Shaikh Mohammadi (Allah have mercy on him) replied, 

I do not need to repent from being his murid.

The (spiritual) station from where the respected Shaikh wrote this is beyond my reach. When I will achieve that station I will comply with your request and write an explanation.

And if you have decided to burn it anyway then the fire in the royal kitchen exceeds that in my humble house.

Sultan did not further pursue this issue.’

Maasir al Umara, v3, p606-7, Aqwal e Salaf, v5, p200

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