Visiting various shuyukh

IMG_0053.PNGShaikh Abu Abdur Rahman al-Sulami (Allah have mercy on him) pointed out an error of those on this path ,

‘It was a common practice for Sufis to travel great distances to meet various shaykhs  to learn from them. This too became a source of error for some Sufis.
The correct intention for traveling to meet the shayks is to learn propriety, take knowledge from them, obey their commands and preserve their honour.

The mistake that was made occurred when a group of Sufis wanted to meet the shayks for the sole purpose of bragging to others that they had met such-and-such who said  such-and-such, making their travels and visiting with shaykhs a source of pride, arrogance and ostentation instead of source of humility and knowledge.

Worse still is the traveler that seeks the acceptance of the shaykh or wants the shaykh to honor him. Such a persons journey amounts to “a travel from knowledge to ignorance and he will never benefit from (this travel) ever.”

Kitab al-Aghalit, The book of errors: A critical edition & study by Jawad Qureshi, page 27

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