Mental Backbiting

A seeker wrote,

Can you please explain the details about “Dil se gheebat”. How to diagnose it and how to cure it if its present. A lot of the times the thoughts come to mind. I thought just keeping them to yourself and not saying to others is fine. But by this term it seems like even the thoughts are wrong.

Ashrafiya replied,

This is to intentionally think bad about some one. That is, things if he was to be informed of it he will be upset.
It is an intentional action and remedy is to use one’s determination (himmat) not to do it.
Also, one should develop this habit that on this thoughts one should intentionally think and remind himself of being the most lowly creature on the face of the earth. And admonish one’s self of doing this gheebat and make dua for that individual.

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Reviewed and approved by sanadi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammed Taqi Usmani (Allah protect & preserve him)

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