The struggle

A seeker wrote,

This is something that I wanted to write about for a while. I am continuing to struggle with dirty thoughts. Many thanks to Allah SWT that controlling the gaze has improved a lot.

Ashrafiya replied,
MashaAllah. May Allah give strength in your determination and make it practical for you to use your will power to stop this activity.

Make dua a lot for Allah SWT’s help in this regards.

Fix penalty for each mistake. Like 4 nafil rakat or skipping a meal.

After each namaz for one minute close your eyes and imagine ,”I’m in front of Allah and He is watching me.” A pratical way is to recite this sentence 33 times in your imagination. It will be approximately 1 minute duration.

I am also making dua especially in this regards.

Also, it will be advisable to increase the intimacy with your spouse.

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