Excessive supplication


Sayyidi wa sanadi Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) was performing Umrah.

At each and every step he supplicated at length with utmost serenity, humility and servitude.

In the prayers after the tawaf (wajib ut-tawaf) his ruku and sujood were longer than usual. During sai’i he recited the supplications from Munajat e Mabool. However, at stops on Safa and Marwa he made dua at length in Urdu.

At the end of the Umrah rituals he made another very comprehensive supplication audible to those immediately besides him on Marwa.

All praise is for Allah, he did not miss a single moment without being in contact with Allah, Most High during the whole process. Moreover,  numerous individuals and few of his students on recognizing him came to greet him and asked for prayers for themselves. Again providing an opportunity to call upon Allah.

May Allah give us the ability (tawfiq) to learn from this. Amin!