The spiritual light

In the final chapter of his primer on Hanafi fiqh Shaykh Qadi Thana’ullah Panipati (Allah have mercy on him) [d. 1225 H/1810 CE] said,

‘The spiritual light of Islam or the Messenger of Allah, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, should be sought in the breasts of the true ascetics so that that light may be kindled in your own heart.

When this light enters you, you will be able to recognise, through your faculties of discernment, all good and evil.

One becomes a stranger in this temporal world and is transported to the next world through one’s constant remembrance of Allah.

One begins to seek the company of others who cause one’s love for this world to decrease, and one’s love for Allah and the next world to increase.’

Essential Islamic Knowledge: A Handbook of Hanafi Fiqh, page 256