Company of the pious


Shaykh Abdul Haq muhadith Dehlawi (Allah have mercy on him) [d. 1052H/1642CE] said,

‘The most superior form of worship is being in the company of pious (ahl-Allah) and sitting with those who are closer to Allah.

This is because by observing their steadfastness, firm resolve and complete devotion a special motivation and determination develops in the spiritual seeker. This eases the hardship of worship and makes bearable the spiritual struggle which are a necessary component of traveling on this path (tareeq).

Moreover, the observation of their magnificently graceful demeanor (jamal) creates a light in his heart that dispels the darkness of doubts and suspicious (whispering) which are the cause of being far and veiled (from the Truth).’

Halaat Muslih al-Ummat ra, page 328